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Dark vs Deep Web: What is the difference?

What is a surface web?

A surface web is a web page that is connected to the internet through a web browser. It is the place which all the users visits on daily basis. Like our social media accounts, websites etc. Most people considered this as a internet.

Main difference between different webs

What is Deep Web?

There is no one answer to this question, as the deep web is a nebulous and elusive concept with a variety of meanings. Generally speaking, the deep web is any web content that is not indexed by Google or other search engines. This includes content that is hidden behind a complex password or proxy server, or content that is only accessible through special software or protocols.

Deep Web

The deep web can be thought of as the invisible web, as it is largely inaccessible to the average user. This hidden content is often used for illegal activities, such as criminal conspiracies, drug trafficking, and terrorism. Standard search engines do not index it.

Note: The portion of internet which is hidden and not shown human who used internet on daily basis is called deep web.

What is Dark Web?

The dark web is a portion of the internet that is not indexed by search engines. It is made up of websites and applications that can only be accessed using special software, typically installed on a user’s computer. The term “dark web” was first popularized in the 1990s by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who were studying the role of the dark web in the spread of AIDS.

Dark Web
KEY DIFFERENCE: The Dark Web is a hidden part of the internet that is only accessible using special software. This is where criminals and terrorists can hide their activities from the authorities. The Deep Web is a much larger part of the internet that is not accessible through normal search engines. This part of the internet is used for secret online activities, such as buying and selling drugs and weapons.
  • In this Deep VS Dak Web you will learn the following things:

Difference between Deep Web and Dark Web

The main difference between these is discussed below:

Deep WebDark Web
The deep web is the area of the Internet that is hidden from view by standard search engines.A portion of the deep web that is purposefully hidden is called the dark web.
You need a password, encryption, or specialized software to access this.You need Tor Project or a comparable browser to access this.
Actually, it is larger then Surface Web.Although it is a part of the Deep Web, there is no way to estimate its size.
They are typically employed for legal functions that demand anonymity.Used sometimes for illegal operations.
All unindexed web pages are included.It only contains a portion of the deep web’s unindexed web pages.
It is reachable with a VPN.To access this data, several safety actions are required.

Applications of Dark Web

Some of the important Dark Web applications are:

  • The internal websites of significant corporations, associations, and trade associations frequently use it.
  • This allows access to internet databases through the intranet networks of the school, college, and institution.
  • Safe websites with password protection and strict members-only access.
  • You have access to a few personal accounts for things like email, banking, and social media.
  • Additionally, it is utilized for text, audio, and social media.
  • Locate Yahoo Answers that are hidden.
  • Provide indexes to library systems and public documents and certifications.
  • Used in lectures and courses on computer and technology skills.

Applications of Deep Web

Some of the important Deep Web applications are:

  • used mostly for military purposes.
  • Scientist.
  • Police officers and businesspeople both utilize it.
  • Both journalists and informants.
  • Political protesters and organizations that oppose censorship.
  • Residents of political regimes that are oppressive.

Why not use Deep Web?

Drawback/cons of Deep Web are:

  • Search engines for the deep web are slower than regular search engines.
  • A specific search query is also required while searching the Deep Web.
  • The Deep Web operates less efficiently.
  • Deep Web searches may also produce results for sensitive personal data from restricted databases.
  • It can lead to moral quandaries, make people more vulnerable to deception, and make it easier to spot theft.

Why use Dark Web?

Benefits/pros of Dark Web are:

  • People in nations that experience censorship, tyranny, and intimidation have an anonymous platform for free speech on the dark web.
  • Cybersecurity is crucial for companies that handle sensitive data.

Onion Routing

Onion routing is a technique that allows a network of computers to communicate with each other without revealing their location or identification. This is done by creating a network of “onion routers” that each know only about the routers that are directly connected to them. Any requests for information that is not directly connected to an onion router will be sent out to all of the onion routers until it arrives at the destination onion router. This technique is used by the Tor network to protect the identities of its users.

Onion Routing

A pseudo-top-level domain name for an anonymous onion service is onion. You can only access it through the Tor network. Contents is encrypted using a set of network nodes known as onion routers, where each layer “peels” off one at a time to reveal the destination’s data.

The sender isn’t identified in this case. It only knows the locations of the nodes that are immediately before and after it. An onion router is a network of network nodes used to deliver encrypted data. The message therefore reaches its intended location once the last layer has been decoded.

The sender is kept in the dark during the whole process and only knows the precise locations of the nodes that come before and after it.

What is Tor Project?

An anonymous surfing network is Tor. The onion routing technique is used. This approach encapsulates communication and communications in many layers of encryption, much like an onion. It is a particular sort of browser that allows users to communicate anonymously.

Tor Project

You may use your computer to run the Tor browser, which promotes your online safety. By relaying your communications over a dispersed network, it also protects you.

It stops unauthorised users from using your Internet connection and stops websites from learning where you are physically.

More than 7,000 relays are used by Tor to route Internet traffic. This makes it easier to conceal a user’s location and prevents network spying and traffic analysis.

The best ways to use the dark web

Here are some important recommendations for using the dark web:

  • Don’t go to any illegal websites.
  • Don’t browse any unauthorized content because doing so might expose you to viruses.
  • No software or files should be downloaded via the dark web.
  • Downloading anything is not advised due to the prevalence of malware in this environment.
  • Do not restrict your search to straightforward queries or simple online navigation; only do in-depth, painstaking investigation.
  • The Deep Web should not be trusted. (Trust one one in the Deep Web)
  • Cover or turn off your webcam’s lenses.
  • Do not download anything from these websites.
  • Java scripts should be turned off for additional safety.
  • While using the dark web, avoid using U Torrent or any other torrenting services.


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